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The following diagnostic and therapeutic options for renal problems, hypertension and electrolyte disorders:

Kontrolle der Nierenfunktion
Kidney Checkup
      • Evaluation of risk factors for renal problems and hypertension

      • Evaluation of immunologic diseases such as vasculitis, SLE, Glomerulonephritis
      • Renal Ultrasound including Doppler and Perfusion
      • Laboratory checkup including all general and renal values
                      • Urine sediment: Microscopy of Urine
                      • Quick urine test
                      • Spot Urine and 24h- Urine for Albumin, Protein, Electrophoresis
                      Blutdruck und EKG
                      Special Analysis of blood pressure and blood vessel age
                      • Pulse Wave Analysis: measurement of the central aortic pressure, aortic index, pulse wave velocity and calculation of vessel age
                      • Stratification of general cardiovascular risk
                      • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring for 24h
                      • 12 lead ECG
                      Blutdruck und EKG
                      Immunologic Evaluation
                      • Complete immune analysis and autoantibody detection
                      • Capillary microscopy: supervision microscopy of the nail groove for detection of microcirculation problems
                      TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT
                      • Pulse Wave Analysis
                        (central and periphere non-invasive measurement of the aortic pressure, pulse wave velocity and aortic index, Arteriograph, Tensiomed®)
                      • 24h ABPM
                        (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, portable, ABDM Tensiomed®)
                      • Ultrasound including duplex ultrasound
                        (liver, kidneys, bladder, renal arteries, resistant index)
                      • 12 lead Electrocardiogram
                      • Urine Microscopy, on site
                      • Capillary microscopy, Di-Li® device
                      • Osteodensitometrie Lunar DXA
                        (Cooperation Praxis Dr. B. Fritz, Rheumapraxis PD Dr. Heilig)
                      • Blood sampling for nephrology und immunology Laboratories
                        (Cooperation Rheumapraxis PD Dr. Heilig, Dr. B. Fritz und Labor Dr. Limbach)

                      Blutdruck und EKG
                      Blutdruck und EKG
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